–We periodically make deliveries to the Albany NY area. The site used is the parking lot at Stuyvesant Plaza located at the corner of Western Avenue and Fuller Road.

–If you have an interest, please contact us by way of e-mail for the next delivery date and to be added to our e-mail list. Our meats may also be purchased at the farm by appointment.

–Click on the Grassfed Meat tab for pricing.

–We do not strive to be the biggest grassfed meat provider; therefore, we may not have all cuts in stock at all times.

–We provide a very natural and nutritious meat product. We value the relationships that we develop with our customers. You will only know what you are eating if you have a relationship directly with a farmer!

–All our animals are raised on pasture with no antibiotics or hormones. Beef and lamb are raised totally on grass or hay, supplemented only with needed minerals.

–Chickens are only raised by on a pre-order basis. We raise a cornish cross broiler during the late spring / summer season. Please order by March 15th so we can plan to meet your need for the year. The processed chickens will need to be picked up at the farm and may be provided fresh or frozen.